Crowdfunding, please help!

The last years, it has become increasingly difficult to receive sufficient donations to do the job at hand. We have a huge problem with stray dogs on our island and its population is growing exponentially. The suffering of these animals is unbearable to see.

We would like to catch as much stray dogs as possible then sterilize them and put them in a huge sanctuary where they live their natural lifespan. Some of them can be fostered, but not all. Government land will be provided for this purpose.

The cost of a pickup unit of 2 persons that will be operating 8 hours a day and 6 days a week during 6 months plus the sterilization surgery by a vet will amount to 95,000 euros. The caring for the animals in the sanctuary will be a combined effort that will be taken care off by community donations.

Please help us. You will help a lot of animals out of their misery.

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